CMS Web Design

Create a customized content management system on WordPress.

Why use CMS?

CMS have several advantages over conventional HTML websites or custom PHP websites.

Simple, clean & consistent layout

CMS web design templates make the pages look and feel consistent, increasing the user experience on your website. No programming knowledge is needed when making simple changes.

Information Management and Tracking

CMS’s admin page provides information on changes made to a page, while the system keeps a copy of a previous version. Additionally, CMS provides information during report generation such as number of views per page or Facebook shares.

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress is trusted by website owners across the globe as it is easy to manage and is flexible enough to handle different needs. Since it is open source, there are numerous plugins and extensions available. It is easy to customize, has a robust framework, and is search engine optimization friendly, which boosts the website in SERPs.

Streamlined & organized workflows

Different permissions can be assigned to multiple users depending on their tasks. Additionally, since design elements are kept separate from text, changes can be made to either without adverse impacts on the other.

Other Advantages

CMS provides better security options, notification systems, is mobile responsive and can be accessed remotely.

Business Consulting

With our expertise in WordPress web design and development, companies can make full use of WordPress’s versatility. Our web development team designs the CMS to not only be attractive to potential customers and visible to search engines, but also to be user-friendly, easy to navigate, and functional.

What we can do for you

Unique & Structured Web Development

Each project we undertake is customized and unique, structured specifically to suit each client’s business. Our team at Malysia Website Design is equipped with the latest web development updates and tools to provide effective and relevant web development services.

Focused on Clients’ Objectives

We focus on the clients’ objectives and what they need to make their online business a success. We develop websites that ensure that owners get the best returns through the investments.

We Make Your Website Work Everywhere.

Competitive Website Creation

We do our best to make each client’s business stand out amidst of the competition online. We develop websites that focus on creating an exceptional user experience, enhancing the targeted customers’ perception of the offered products and services.

Choose Ezzweb Design

Whether you are looking to build a new website from scratch or you have an existing website already up and running but need extra functionality, we always definitely has the resources to help you achieve your business’s online potential.