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Where is the place for Online Promotion?

One needs it when doing business online, and where is the suitable place to do promotion online.Ya, because after all, the profit or sustain of a business is sales. So, this place is one of the things that urgent whe you start your online business ..

online shopping 01

Some places that can be used for promotion as well as selling online, among others:

  • Search engine (SEO methods).
  • Social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. etc. (with the method of SMO).
  • Marketplace,,, kayak,,, etc. etc ..
  • Make your own business website, such as web company profile, web store or online.
  • Mobile app, you can use these types of applications iOS, or Android.

So, let's optimize your website my friends. Because it is now the century of internet. Anyhow we have to start our way of promotion.

Even so, preferably also do not immediately remove the offline campaign. Because no matter what, we will never know from where we came anywhere customers. We can also convert those customer offline to online in later stage.

So ideally, online street, road remains offline pun .. Both should complement each other ..

Um, what do you think? Have an interesting experience regarding online sales?