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What is SEO?

Speaking of SEO, it seems many of us who feel that SEO is a scourge in doing business online.

Even attributable SEO Similarly, there are some people who are afraid to pursue an online business.

Hmm, so what the heck ... it's SEO. ??

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Illustration ...

Just imagine, you are selling clothes, and your store is located in the city center shopping centers with a high level of hustle. The layout of your store very strategic, near foodcourt and several offices.

About that in mind, people who want to buy in the store, of course, many of you. And of course to get a store that is located strategically in the center of the crowd also definitely need effort and cost you a bit.

Well, that's about as position our website in the online world.

Website is like a store or office or our online workshop. The more people who visit our website, then the likelihood of sales also increased. And measures to make our website more, also requires cost and effort is not small. Measures is what is called SEO.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimize is one method to optimize the website so that it can later appear in the search results with specific keywords in the search engine or search engines, such as Google, Yahoo Search, and Bing.

SEO method has been entered into the realm of online marketing, which is how we create websites that are known by the public through a search engine or search engine.

Well, for SEO optimization using this method there are 2 kinds, commonly known as SEO onpage and offpage SEO.

Onpage SEO website optimization method which is performed in the internal website.

While offpage SEO website optimization method which is performed involving another website, namely by providing a backlink to our website.

When both of these methods has been done, then our website will have the power in the eyes of search engines. And very important to have the right mindset SEO optimization so that we can do successfully.

If I may say, this is one method that should be studied by the website owner so many of his website. And if you want to know where to learn SEO is okay, I recommend the SEO Academy.