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Tips To Create Blog that Loading Faster

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Everyone wants to blog pretty neat and definitely can open faster. But what is even more important in a blog it should open faster pleased because this will make it easier for visitors to visit our blog while reviewing all the articles contained in the blog.

Based on the study, load fast simple blog into the spotlight for reading the blog. Visitors will feel satisfied apabiala a blog can be quickly compared with the blog that takes too long to open .. Unfortunately, visitors will not return to open his blog that load quite slowly.

Therefore, the blog owner should take early action to avoid a slow load blog. Preventing is better than cure, so here I want to share some tips for avoiding slow load blog.

Do not put too many gadgets.
Here I do not place the gadget syarankan unimportant or unhelpful in a blog on blog beautification purposes. The actual gadget that plays a lot of time to load the slower blog. So get rid of all the gadgets that are not important.

Make sure the appropriate header (size or dimension)
Header is the main character in a blog or identification. In terms of graphics beautiful header is no problem on the blog. But the size of the header must be taken into account because the header size can also cause slower loading time. If you can use a simple header size is adequate.

Not too many pictures on the side bar.
Too many images on the sidebar also disturbing time for loading a blog. Usually to have 1-5 images on the sidebar can be considered normal. But if it is feared more than the sum will affect the time to load. The principle is the same as the header image as well. If the header size influences, while the image on the sidebar quantify that impact.

Not too many post on the front page.

Indeed, many owners prefer to display the blog post quite a lot on the front page of the blog page. Perhaps to entice the reader to read the rest of the article. The actual number of times a blog post influences. Therefore, blogspot platform has settled on us to show us how much you want on each blog. Appropriate number of post on the front page of a page within two to eight entries. No need for anyone to put up to 20 entries. You should use a gadget "recent post" to display all the latest entry or older.

For a long time just for this entry. This is also the SEO tips that can be applied in a blog.