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Tips on choosing Hosting package

Each of us want to create a website, surely we need a domain and hosting. Because of these two things we can not separate. Without it all, so we might want to build a house but do not have land and location somewhere.

Even so, to have both of these can be a variety of ways. Some are free, some paid. Lots of information available on the internet hosting and domain that you can get.

If you choose to use a paid resource, it means that you hire a hosting and domain purchase within a certain time period. For your own hosting is usually the minimum rental period is one month, while the domain of at least 1 year.

Well, follow the tips on choosing a hosting package that I will review the following, based on personal experience and references from some fellow internet marketers.

Hosting and Free Domain

The good news is, yes, you can also get resources for free hosting and domain. The point is that you use another party hosting and domain are not paid. Was really free!

Free hosting can also mean you are using resources from providers of free sites such as WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, blogdetik, even Facebook and Twitter that in fact it is a social media site. Because it is possible we could also use social media to build the kingdom of our own website. As for the domain, we can follow their domain address, although some of these sites continue to provide a domain account in the form of a subdomain or username behind the main domain.

ezzweb web hosting 


Subdomain ->;;
Domain behind the main domain ->;

Well, then what if you want to use a domain that is really not a subdomain or domain behind the main domain?

You may still be able to use the facilities free domain such as Tk (read dot tk) or (dot co dot cc). But based on my experience, apparently .tk domain is still more popular among internet users than

As for hosting, there is one which provides free hosting providers like Complete with cPanel and features of hosting in general. Honestly, I've never used it, but if you want to try ya no harm.

In some freehosting, we had try some free hosting program. But it seems it is less effective. Because the use of even most spammers. So yes finally free hosting our cap. Instead of providing free hosting services, we better improve the quality of service and focus on the needs of our customers, by providing cheap hosting and cheap domain.

So, if you want to use a free hosting service and domain name, choose a platform that is easy to understand website like WordPress, Tumblr, or Blogger. Then you also can take advantage of social media sites like Facebook Fanpage. But for this free resource, in my opinion is better suited for sites that are companion website. While the site you use for business portfolio, paid good use.


Tips on Choosing a Hosting And Domain Package Paid

For paid hosting packages and domain, also did not lose much. If you search on Google, there will come a lot of search results for a paid hosting packages and domain this.

One company / hosting providers often provide more than one type of hosting package options. Some are cheap, some are expensive. But make no mistake, although many hosting providers who say that hosting is cheap hosting, most of it is the quality of the server is okay okay all.

There are several factors that we can make a consideration when choosing a hosting, among others:

1. Hosting needs.
Like what our hosting needs, will determine the amount of hosting space that we take, location servers, hosting and support required. If your website is a new website, the hosting capacity required is not as big as the old website / existing website.

2. The types of websites to be built.
As an illustration, if you want to create an online store, it will be a little different when you create a personal profile website, because the online store requires a larger space to accommodate the product pictures that much. So be sure what kind of website you want to create.

3. Location server.
Who is your target market? Whether local or foreign visitors? Maybe you need to know, the location server offered by the hosting provider is highly diverse, among others:

  • Hosting MY = server location in Malaysia
  • Hosting USA = location of the server in the USA
  • Hosting SG = server location in Singapore
  • Hosting EU = server location in Europe

Ideally, the closer the location of the server to the visitor / reader website, the website load speed of the process will be faster for the visitors. Even so, the speed of the server is not only influenced by the location but also other factors such as server hardware specification. Therefore, pay attention to the server specification offered by web hosting services.

4. Do not get stuck with unlimited term.
If you often see a variety of hosting plans, of course, will often see the term "Unlimited Bandwidth" or "Unlimited Space". Wait, do not be fooled by these terms. Because basically all resources have limits. Including capacity bandwidth and hosting space. So the question here is your unlimited right to use the facility space or unlimited bandwidth up to the limit as per the specifications of hardware server and at the discretion of the respective hosting provider.

5. Prioritizing the domain extension ".com".
When about choosing a domain name, try to find the .com domain extension first, then .net .org. co, and so forth. Because psychologically, people will tend to type .com domain extensions when writing down the address of a website. Because that is exactly what the most popular extensions.