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Optimizing Website Using SEO Blog

Previously I had a post about the meaning of SEO and SEO learn one place I've ever played and I recommend, especially in the SEO Academy.

There we learn from basic SEO, and SEO mindset right.

Well, now I'll try a little comment about the website in order to measure how SEO can rank in Google is based on what I learned in SEO Academy, some experiments on personal experience, and a few other references.

seo with blog

Build Blog For Your Website

If you want to create a successful website, you should consider also to build a blog in the website. Good for nothing but to boost confidence in visitors, but also to give credibility in the eyes of search engines.

Loh, how blogs can enhance confidence in the eyes of visitors?

Try to imagine what would happen if someone came into our store and wonder to the clerk, but the clerk was not mudeng about our products. The term, product knowledge is zero. Um, yes certainly somewhat embarrassing.

Well, it can function as a blog. The visitors could not find a product / service that he was looking for. But when the spin-spin read other content contained in our blog, who knows he can find other information so he needed. Remember, the key word is "INFORMATION". So slowly but surely, he will grow in confidence that our website is eligible to serve as references / reference regarding the product or service being sought.

Similarly, the search engine. Blog is one of the important elements of our website in order to meet its objectives. If we constantly update the content, they will be added like.

Problem How do I create a blog, if you're using WordPress website of course this will be very easy, did not need to bother again how how to make a blog feature. Because as CMS, WordPress already provide this facility.

The question now is, how do we create a blog that is favored by the search engines?

How to do SEO Website Using Blog

SEO Tips step guide how this blog I got from an SEO expert, whose name Pichalee, a writer ebook about SEO. Very nice to follow.

1. Determine the theme or topic of the blog. Before we create blog, determine the key topics will we carried her, because later would become the title of a blog which is then translated into a description of the blog. Surely this topic is also relevant to our website overall.

2. Research keywords / keyword (KW). When you want to write a blog, do keyword research first, then do not be too eager to pursue a potential keyword traffic is huge. Start of potential small, important that we should understand the principle works. If it can appear in search results by keyword light, then we increase it by using a competitive keyword weight. My principle, which is important to appear first in search results, use a mild keyword does not matter.

3. Post relevant. Diligent posting quality content. Make unique and useful content, but do not go out of the main topics of the blog. Then make a link between pages, so between pages to promote each other. If many pages were read in the blog visitors are considered qualified.

4. Prepare onpage SEO. As usage optimize the keywords in the Meta Title, Meta Description, etc., according to the results of keyword analysis.

5. Indexing. While waiting for your posts to sign in to Google, you can share to social media posts that are indexed by Google faster.

6. Perform offpage SEO. For this case, can pass commenting backlink, backlink wheel / pyramid, submit to social bookmarking, etc.

If I may say, 6 step is a summary of basic SEO efforts. Haitong ventures is very complicated, even for beginners. But maybe it is still less familiar with the terms SEO. For that, we must learn more.

Then, I Should Start From Where?

Well, after you read above, now all back at you. If you want to learn on your own, you can learn to apply basic SEO step 6 above in sequence and practice, practice, practice ...

Start by creating a post that is relevant and frequently practiced keyword research. Because of this it is important to do.