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5 Tips for starting an Online Business

Yesterday afternoon I and my friend Master John (owner finished talking with one of the Internet Marketing experts Pichalee, accompanied by grilled fish plus a very hot tea during the break.

start your online store

Many of us talked about, such as affiliate business, strategy facebook ads, how to market through online, SEO, how to deal with customers, etc. etc.. And of those talks, can also thank the various tips in starting an online business that I think we should look at and this is fundamental in starting a business whether online or offline.

Some of them are ....


At the time of starting an online business, focus on one area first, so that concentration is not broken, and try to select a business that could soon bring in revenue (an important first steaming kitchen).

Select a Product

Although bad "online", product selection should be demotic digital product such as ebook, tools, software, etc .. but can also be physical, such as food vending, selling clothes, toys, etc etc.

The tip is, find the product you understand. Never sell if you know nothing about the nitty-gritty. Because you will need time to learn product knowledge and so forth.

Create Stalls

Quickly create online vendor or website to deploy your merchandise. Resource his website can use free or marketplace sites that are widely available, and hopefully wear them performing and hosting your own domain.

Online vendor can be likened to the office / shop we in cyberspace. No stall = no store = no place to sell.


In the early stages, in addition to the sales focus, do not forget to set aside a budget for marketing. SEO optimization can be applied, or advertising in social media like FB Ads. The point is to use the internet as tools or means, to spread the information to others (promotion).

Build assets

Get used since the beginning of starting an online business, our mindset is an asset .. wake up and wake assets .. .. good assets to tangible assets and intangible assets.