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4 Ways Optimum Keyword In Entries

seo what is a keyword

You want high traffic!

You want your entry to be in the best position in the search engines

You always want your entry to find, hunt, in searching

BUT you do not know how

SO you need to read this entry

Optimal keyword in the blog entry. How to apply keyword in an entry? Keyword = keyword. During writing blog, have you ever wondered how to insert or keyword in the entry application. Perhaps the majority said no. Similarly, I only know how to write but do not know how to properly apply the keyword.

Before the start or unlock the way to apply the keyword, you know not what keyword tu?

Keyword is an important content contained within an entry. In other words a word you want to convey to the reader.

For more detail description and secret techniques related keyword you can read on: WHAT IS A KEYWORD

Returning to the first title that is optimal or how to apply the keyword in the blog.

1) First and Final Paragraph
Practitioners are encouraged to try to put yourself in the first paragraph of keyword entries. For what?

Search engines like google will always capture the initial paragraph (perenngan first) in the entry. So keyword should be placed in the right position so that DAPT indexed in search engines.

2) Alt tag, and Edit Name on File
Whenever you want to upload pictures on the post, do not forget to check the name on the image. Make sure the name is berseseuaian with pictures. Sample images umbrella, so called image with an umbrella.

Search engines do not like to picture such a name is not known as D1965, PIC123 ... Because search engine spiders can not understand what you want delivered.

Associated with Alt Tag. This technique is done after upload pictures in posts. Alt Tag this function to insert a keyword in the picture. Why robots crawl can not read or interpret the image. So Alt tag will be intermediate in telling people what the content of the image.

3) Title of Entry

Entry title play very important role for entries is at the top of search engines like google. So the need to enter a keyword in the title of the entry so chances are entries to the main page of google bright.


  • Put at least one keyword in the title of the entry
  • Repetition of keywords in the title of the entry encouraged

4) Permalink
Permalink is the blog url. It is the best location in putting keywords in the target.

seo permalink sample

Note: Enter a keyword that is important only in connection with the entry.

Wisdom in regulating keyword in the entry gives a bonus to your blog traffic. Did you know that there is no element of SEO blogs can get traffic too high. For WHAT? Because the blog has a strong keyword / sound. So thought-Think.

Use the Right Keyword effects. You can search in google "what is keyword". To better understand. :)